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The Dog Walker's Startup Guide and the Dog Walker's Companion DVD were utilized in the development of Halogen Network's Premier of, Jump Shipp. Advice guru Josh Shipp intervenes in a person's life each week to alter the trajectory of their lives and careers. This episode contains a segment on Amanda, a twenty-something looking for the umph to start her own Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Business.


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The Dog Walker's Startup Kit
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The Dog Walker's Companion DVD

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“I'm a stay-at-home mom, is Dog Walking a good option?”

stay at home mom is a dog walkerAbsolutely, many of the dog walkers in my area are moms who need the flexibility to schedule around school hours.

Since most walks happen in the middle of the day your mornings and afternoons are FREE! You could work for 4 hours per day M-F and earn about $600 per week. You'll be getting some great exercise too!

“I'm a student in college, would I have time to make this business profitable?”

learn how to become a dog walkerDog walking is a truly flexible and profitable business. Once you have established a client base it takes very little time aside from the actual walks. For example if you are a student needing part-time income for books and weekends, walking just 3 dogs a day (about 1.5 hours), 5 days per week, would earn you about $225! What other part time job working 1.5 hours per day would earn that much?



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